New Mexico Bear Hunting

The Best Black Bear Hunting in New Mexico

In New Mexico we hunt the black bear species. They vary in color from jet-black to blond, with cinnamon and brown phases also being quite common. Most of our bear hunting is done from horseback behind hard-driving hounds. We also hunt from the truck with strike dogs on top of the box. Stand hunting can also be productive in the right situation, and is sometimes selected for hunters who are not up to the rigors of hound hunting. The area we hunt in New Mexico is well known for producing large bears. We have taken many bears with skulls measuring more than 20 inches. We have consistently produced 80 percent success rates on these hunts.

We offer a five-day fall hunt; normally scheduled August through November.

Bear hunts can be combined with a variety of other species including lion, antelope, elk and deer. Licenses are purchased over the counter.


5 day bear hunt $4000 plus New Mexico state sales tax