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New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunting

Elk hunting for world class bulls

Our elk hunts take place in the highly acclaimed Gila of Southwestern New Mexico and surrounding areas of New Mexico and Arizona. Our 30 plus years of experience in these areas coupled with the exceptional genetics have enabled our clients to consistently enjoy success rates second to none on world class bulls. Most of the terrain we hunt is not extremely steep even though elevations range from 6000-9000 feet.


Our rifle hunts also begin in early October and run through early December. These hunts are five days. Our rifle hunters have enjoyed an average of 69% success rate with 80% shooting opportunity. Stand hunting is not near as effective on rifle hunts, requiring more physical ability from the hunter. Horses and mules may sometimes be used. In some cases, the shooting can be across deep canyons at fairly long distances. For this reason, we recommend large caliber long distance rifles such as a 300 mag. etc.


Archery elk begins September 1 and runs through September 24. We offer 6 and 9 day hunts. We have consistently enjoyed an average of 39% success rate with 81% shooting opportunity on mature bulls. Approximately 75% of the bulls harvested have qualified for the P&Y record book. Our hunting methods include spot and stalk, calling, stands over water, wallows and other proven techniques implemented by truly the best guides in the business. Most shooting is from 20-35 yards. We do not encourage shooting beyond 40 yards, but this may vary with individual hunter capabilities.


Muzzleloader elk hunts begin in early October and run through late November. These are five day hunts. Most of our muzzleloader hunts take place in primitive weapon only areas that haven't been rifle hunted in some 30 years. Our muzzleloader hunters have enjoyed an average of 53% success rate with 84% shooting opportunity. On the earlier hunts, hunters can expect bugling bulls. At this time, we rely heavily on calling and what we refer to as“chasing bugles”. During the later hunts, the bulls have moved into bachelor groups into their winter range which make spot and stalk hunting methods effective. Stand hunting over water is also effective depending on weather conditions. The modern muzzleloaders of today have increased the distance of these guns considerably. New Mexico and Arizona do not have any restrictions on muzzleloaders.


5 day Muzzleloader and Rifle - 2 hunters, 1 guide $4500
5 day Muzzleloader and Rifle - 1 hunter, 1 guide is $5500
9 day bow elk $6250 - 1 hunter, 1 guide
6 day bow elk $5250 - 1 hunter, 1 guide

The guide ratio on all elk hunts are one guide per two hunters unless a one guide per one hunter is purchased for an additional rate of $200 a day for firearms and $150 a day for archery.