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New Mexico Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

New Mexico is known for Superior Quality Trophy Pronghorns!


We offer some of the finest trophy antelope hunting available anywhere. The southwest produces pronghorn of superior trophy quality. We consistently enjoy 95-100% success. These prairie speedsters can sometimes be difficult to hit. However, no trophy room is complete without one.

Our muzzleloader hunt is a four day hunt in mid August in north central New Mexico. Hunters can expect to see and possibly harvest a Boone and Crockett head. This hunt is offered on a drawing basis with landowner permits available if unsuccessful in the drawing
Rates: $2,500

This two day hunt takes place the first weekend in October. We hunt some of the best trophy producing ranches in the southwest consistently producing 15” to 19” bucks with heavy mass and huge cutters. These hunts are on a landowner permit basis only, which are hand selected for superior quality. This hunt normally produces several Boone and Crockett heads per year. We have produced 14 bucks net scoring at least 86 Boone and Crockett points.
Rates: $5,500.

This two day hunt takes place the last weekend in August. We strongly recommend this hunt for beginning hunters as well as family groups. This hunt consistently produces 13" to 16" antelope. This hunt is also sold on a guaranteed tag basis.
Rates: $2,500.

Use our Book a Hunt form for availability or call us today for the best Pronghorn Antelope Hunting New Mexico has to offer!