Youth Hunts in New Mexico

New Mexico has recently implemented youth-only hunts allowing hunters under 18 years old an exceptional opportunity to hunt trophy elk, mule deer, and antelope. All Youth hunters must have completed a hunter safety course and can be of any age under 18 by the time the hunt takes place. The elk hunt is the first hunt and is in the peak of the rut. The mule deer hunts are the only deer hunts that run into the rut. We offer these hunts with muzzleloader and rifle. Do not overlook these hunts for your kids. These are truly the hunt of a lifetime. These hunts are all guided 1x1.


  • 5 day Elk - $4,000 plus New Mexico state sales tax
  • 5 day Mule Deer - $3,250 New Mexico state sales tax
  • 2 day Antelope - $2,500 New Mexico state sales tax