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Youth Hunting, Young Boy Hunting with Rifle

If you’ve been watching your son or daughter’s interest in hunting grow, then it might be time for them to experience big game hunting. And there’s no better way to introduce kids to big game hunting than with a guided Youth Hunt.

On our guided hunts, kids any age under 18 can learn from our 30+ years of hunting experience. We not only know the right areas and trails to take but we will also teach them advanced hunting practices and strategies. Each young hunter has the chance to bring home a trophy elk, mule deer, or antelope. Imagine the proud story they’ll have to share with their friends about their successful hunt.

What can kids expect on our guided Youth Hunt? It’s an incredible hunting experience that’s adventurous and educational. Here are some things for parents and kids to think about as they plan for their hunting trip.

Safety Comes First

Of course, safety is the top priority of our guided Youth Hunts. No big game hunting trip can be enjoyable without following proper safety guidance and practices. For starters, all hunters need to pass a hunter safety course before their hunt begins. Our guides will also lead by example throughout the hunt as we follow strict safety guidelines and reinforce the importance of safety while hunting.

Selecting License and Permits

The appropriate license and permit fees are paid for within our hunt booking form but are subject to scheduling and availability. We’ll work with you to coordinate the timing of your trip accordingly.

Bring Proper Gear

Bringing the proper gear on any hunting trip is important, particularly when you’re hunting big game in the New Mexico Gila. Our remote setting is great for hunting, but its sparseness doesn’t accommodate the convenience of nearby sporting goods stores, so make sure your child will arrive with everything they need.

Temperatures in New Mexico can vary from the high 80s in early months to low 20s during the winter. To keep your young hunter comfortable and focused on the hunt, make sure they pack temperature-appropriate camouflage clothing, boots, rain gear, and other supplies.

Here’s our quick checklist to help your kids prepare with everything they’ll need for a better hunting experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions or further info on what’s needed for a successful hunt.

Prepare to Learn

Throughout our guided big game hunting trips, kids will learn a variety of important lessons about nature, fair chase, and clean kills. They’ll gain deeper knowledge about scent, wind direction, walking quietly, and not getting lost on a hunt.

While we want all hunters to take home a nice big game trophy, we’ll help young hunters understand that a successful hunt is about the quality of the experience, not in the killing.

Get Ready to Have Fun!

Hunting safely and successfully is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of fun. For starters, southwestern New Mexico is beautiful country, and your kids will have an amazing time in its scenic nature. They’ll be with other kids, sharing the experience of a lifetime as they all learn more about hunting, seeing animals in the wild, and possibly bringing home their own big game trophy and tasty meat.

Book Your Youth Hunt Today

To start your child on the path to successful sportsmanship, book their hunt today. Our elk, mule deer, and antelope hunts instill hunting skills that they’ll be able to continue using year after year.