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New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunting

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World Class Elk Hunting in New Mexico

Hunt world class bulls across the highly acclaimed Gila of Southwestern New Mexico and surrounding areas of New Mexico and Arizona. Our expert elk hunting guides have over 30 years of experience in the area is well as an intimate familiarity with the terrain and a knowledge of where elk are more likely to be found. The New Mexico Gila is well known for superior elk genetics that produce world class bulls and stunning trophies.

Elevation averages from 6000 – 9000 feet, the terrain is usually not steep.

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Elk Hunting Rates

5-day Muzzleloader

2×1 is $5,000
+ New Mexico Sales Tax

1×1 is $7,000
+ New Mexico Sales Tax


5-day Rifle

2×1 is $5,000
+ New Mexico Sales Tax

1×1 is $7,000
+ New Mexico Sales Tax

14 day


+New Mexico Sales Tax

9 day

1×1 is $9,400

+New Mexico Sales Tax

2×1 is $6,250

+New Mexico Sales Tax

6 day

1×1 is $7,500

+New Mexico Sales Tax

2×1 $5,250

+New Mexico Sales Tax

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Experience The "True Success" Difference

Our family-run business was born and raised in New Mexico. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to the New Mexico Gila and surrounding areas. We know the perfect spots, the best trails, and the right path to take to bring you on a custom-tailored hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

Why Hunt Elk

When people think “big game”, the noble and stoic elk often springs to mind. A big bull makes the perfect focal point for your trophy room. Elk also produce a bounty of delicious meat. Elk burgers, steaks, and jerky make for excellent eating and great gifts for family, friends, and co-workers.

New Mexico Big Game Hunting - Elk

Get Ready To Harvest A Trophy Elk Bull

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rifle for hunting trophy big game Types Of Elk Hunts


Oct - Dec

Our 5 day rifle hunts begin in early October and run through early December. Typical success rate is 69% with an 80% shooting opportunity. Stand hunting is available but not optimally effective for hunting elk using a rifle. We recommend that hunters be ready for a high degree of physically activity when stalking and hunting trophy elk. Elk hunts can also traverse longer distances, so horses and mules may sometimes be used. In some cases, the shooting can be across deep canyons at fairly long distances. When rifle hunting elk, we recommend long-distance, high-caliber rifles such as a .300 mag.


Oct - Nov

Muzzleloader elk hunts also begin in early October and run through late November. Muzzleloader elk hunts last for seven days. Most of our muzzleloader hunts take place in “primitive weapon only” areas. These areas haven’t heard a rifle shot in over 30 years. This hunting method treats the hunter to a more challenging, “old-school” hunting experience. While modern muzzleloaders have greatly improved range over traditional muzzleloaders of the past, they still present a more challenging hunt where patience and marksmanship ability will be the key to satisfying trophy kills.

Muzzleoader hunts have a 65% success rate with 87% shooting opportunity. On the earlier hunts, hunters can expect bugling bulls. Currently, our favored tactic is calling and what we refer to as“chasing bugles”. During the later hunts, the bulls have moved into bachelor groups into their winter range which make spot and stalk hunting methods increasingly more effective at producing results. Stand hunting over water is also popular, weather conditions permitting.

New Mexico’s muzzleloader restrictions are:

  • Must load through muzzle
  • Only black powder, pyrodex and/or equivalent substances.
  • Smokeless power is illegal.



Archery elk hunts run September 1 – September 24. We offer 6 and 9 day hunts. Archery hunters enjoy the challenge of an archery hunt and see an average of 55% success rate with 87% shooting opportunity on mature bulls. Approximately 75% of the bulls harvested have qualified for the Pope & Young record book. We typically employ hunting methods such as spot and stalk, calling, stands over water, wallows and other proven techniques implemented by our expert guides. With over 30 years of experience hunting elk in and around the New Mexico Gila, we will assess the proper tactics for a hunt tailored to the goals of each individual hunter.

The typical archery shooting range is 20-35 yards. This close vantage point gives an “up close and personal” experience for these hunts. Depending on individual hunter ability, shots from 40 yards or greater have been attempted.

"This is only my second guided hunt. Comparatively it’s not even close. Mick and his 2 boys worked day and night to lead all 3 of us to success within only 3 days. You couldn’t meet 3 nicer host."

–Joe L.

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