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Elk in Creek in New Mexico

If you’ve hunted elk before, you know the thrill that hunting big trophy brings, but also the intense physical toll it can take on your feet and body as you walk through rough terrain for many miles each day. The only consolation to hauling around all your gear on your back, eating dried meat, and sleeping in the woods is if you get an elk. And that can be a big “if” when you’re hunting solo.

Guided elk hunting trips take away the non-hunting challenges and hassles so you can focus on what you’re there for – to hunt elk! Here are five things hunters might not know about our elk hunting guided trips.

1. The territory is our home.

New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting and the Chapel family have provided guided hunts in this region for over 30 years. Born and raised in New Mexico, we know the territory like the back of our hands. Our territory is renowned for producing big elk, and we know exactly where to find them and how to best hunt them. Since elk move around and don’t stay in one spot, this knowledge helps minimize a lot of time spent on searching for elk.

Hunting solo on public land can be frustrating as you can never be sure where the sweet spot is or if it’s already occupied by too many other hunters. We’ll take you right where you need to be and advise you on the best practices to ensure success. Our average success rate ranges from 80-95% because we maximize the hunt time and focus on actual hunting, not guessing where to go, tiresome walking, and frustration.

2. We speak elk.

Beyond knowing where to go to find the elk, we also understand them and their habits. We know where they are in cycle and the ideal timing for hunting. Because elk are extremely vocal animals, they recognize both trusted and suspicious calling, and our guides are experts at calling them.

3. It’s as if you have the land to yourself.

Our guided elk hunting is much different than hunting alone on public land, and it offers a much higher chance for a successful hunt. On public land, there can be over a hundred hunters in one area. Our guided elk hunts bring just a handful of hunters in each of our hunting groups. Controlling the number of hunters on each trip creates a tight-knit group and provides each hunter a better overall hunting experience.

4. We’ll take care of you.

Even though we make the hunting experience as enjoyable as possible, hunting can still be tiring. Our guided hunts assess each hunter’s situation, age, and what shape they’re in to gauge if walking, horse, or vehicle will be the best mode of transportation.

And, after a long day, what more could you hope for than a home-cooked meal and a comfortable bed? Our lodge hunts offer deluxe accommodations and amenities, and meals are prepared daily by experienced chefs using the animals we hunt. Our camp hunts, though remote, are still homey, offering hunters private tents with beds, lights, and heaters. Meals are prepared each day by experienced camp cooks who focus on the cleanliness and quality of each dish they prepare.

5. The experience doesn’t end with the hunt.

The New Mexico Gila is well known for superior elk genetics that produce world class bulls and stunning trophies. We work with local processing and taxidermy professionals to help you turn your successful hunt into beautiful trophies and delicious meat. A big bull makes the perfect focal point for your trophy room, and it also produces a bounty of delicious meat. Elk burgers, steaks, and jerky make for excellent eating and great gifts for family and friends, so the great experience of your hunt can be shared with others!

Skip the Hassles and Enjoy the Hunt

Ready to experience the ultimate guided elk hunt for yourself? Check out our Trip Planner and book your hunt. You can also contact us with any questions you might have about our guides, our hunts, and our beautiful region in New Mexico. Not only do we make hunting enjoyable, but we’ll make sure you feel confident about the trip before you even get here.