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New Mexico Big Horn Sheep Hunting

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A Rare and Thrilling Hunting Experience

Big Horn Sheep are, to some hunters, the ultimate challenge. The tags for drawing are extremely limited in number and a Governor’s Permit is an expensive, but available, alternative. Application procedures and deadlines are the same as for elk

These animals inhabit some of the roughest terrain at elevations from 1,000 to 13,000 feet, making them a challenge for even the most experienced hunters. We recommend that aspiring sheep hunters be in good physical condition before embarking on their hunts.

The upside to the rarity is that these rams are now more plentiful, and produce large trophy heads. The area is known to be home to growing ram herds, seen everywhere from the floor of the Sonoran desert in Old Mexico to the alpine peaks of Northern New Mexico.

Our experienced guides are experts at scouting for these large rams, a key feature in the success of harvesting a Big Horn Sheep trophy.

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Big Horn Sheep Hunting Rates

Because of the rarity of tags and permits for big horn sheep hunting, these prices are based on the current market conditions and have a fluctuating price. Please use our contact form to request more information.

Rates Available Upon Request

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Experience The "True Success" Difference

Our family-run business was born and raised in New Mexico. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to the New Mexico Gila and surrounding areas. We know the perfect spots, the best trails, and the right path to take to bring you on a custom-tailored hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

Why Hunt Big Horn Sheep

The rarity of tags for Big Horn Sheep make them an exotic and exciting addition to any hunters trophy room. These rare and stunning trophy heads will give you a beautiful piece for your trophy room that truly stands out even among the most experienced hunters. Hunting Big Horn sheep is an experience that is unlike any other. The sheep are masters at scaling difficult terrain. The hunts can last far longer than a traditional hunt. Patience and perseverance are the true test of a hunter’s skills when chasing these huge rams.

However, our expert guides can give those in search of the ultimate hunting experience a bit of a competitive edge. Our guides have years of experience tracking these elusive rams, and our intimate knowledge of the will help our hunters harvest the ultimate trophy.

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Embark on The Ultimate Hunt

Book Your Guided Bighorn Sheep Hunt Today

"This is only my second guided hunt. Comparatively it’s not even close. Mick and his 2 boys worked day and night to lead all 3 of us to success within only 3 days. You couldn’t meet 3 nicer host."

–Joe L.

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