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Trophy Mule Deer/Coues Deer Hunting in New Mexico

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Hunt Trophy Mule Deer/Coues Deer In New Mexico – Expert Guided Hunts

Our Mule Deer hunts take place in the New Mexico mountainous terrain of Rio Arriba county. This area is world famous for producing large, heavy-horned Rocky Mountain mule deer, one of Boone and Crockett’s top producing counties. Our expert guides have developed a variety of methods for consistently putting these large bucks in front of our hunters for a perfect shot.  The rim rocky, shelf like terrain and road systems produce a very productive, low physically demanding hunt.  These elevated rims create the perfect glassing locations for finding deer all day. Because the rut is in December, these deer are typically not traveling much and are in bachelor groups or right in the break-up stage.

New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting Inc. has consistently produced an average success rate of nearly 70% on top end muley bucks.

Our Coues Whitetail Deer hunts take place in the extremely rugged western slopes of the Gila mountains.  Due to the ruggedness of this country, it lends itself to growing the older age class deer that we are hunting.  Our hunters typically enjoy 100% shooting opportunity at 90+” deer; 100″ – 110+” is not out of the question.  Our guides have the skills, knowledge, and optic power to consistently locate these ghost like deer in any conditions.  A large buck will typically be between 100-130 pounds standing about 30″ tall at the shoulder.  This desert whitetail subspecies can only be obtained in southwestern New Mexico, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico. This makes this hunt a safe, local, and affordable destination for a very isolated species.


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Mule Deer Hunting Rates

5 Day Hunt – 2×1 is $5,000 plus New Mexico Sales Tax
5 Day Hunt – 1×1 is- $6,000 plus New Mexico Sales Tax

New Mexico Big Game Hunting - Coues Deer

Experience The "True Success" Difference

Our family-run business has been born and raised in New Mexico. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to the New Mexico Gila and surrounding areas. We know the perfect spots, the best trails, and the right path to take to bring you a custom-tailored hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

Why Hunt Mule Deer

For the quintessential western hunting experience, look no further than the sporting challenge of hunting mule deer. Mule deer in New Mexico can grow quite large. These creatures are as clever and majestic as they are delicious. Getting a clean kill shot on a mule deer is an incredibly satisfying experience. Requiring patience and marksmanship, the mule deer rewards it’s hunters with beautiful pelts, gorgeous trophies, and delicious lean meats.

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"This is only my second guided hunt. Comparatively it’s not even close. Mick and his 2 boys worked day and night to lead all 3 of us to success within only 3 days. You couldn’t meet 3 nicer host."

–Joe L.

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