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Big Game Hunting For Youths in New Mexico

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five youth hunters with trophy elks in new mexico

Big Game Hunting For Youths in New Mexico

Youth-only hunts are a relatively recent addition to New Mexico. These hunts are a once-in-lifetime experience. They also make a great introduction to big game hunting. All hunters under 18 have an opportunity to hunt trophy elk, mule deer, or antelope. The hunters can be of any age under 18 by the time the hunt starts. We do require that all youth hunters have passed a hunters safety course. Youth hunts can utilize either a rifle or muzzle-loader for their preferred choice of hunt.

Youth Hunt Timing

Youth hunts are provided their own time frame to ensure a thrilling and memorable experience for our young hunters:The elk hunt is the first hunt and is in the peak of the rut. The mule deer hunts are the only deer hunts that run into the rut.

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Youth Hunt Rates

  • 5 day Elk – $5,000 plus New Mexico state sales tax
  • 5 day Mule Deer – $4,250 New Mexico state sales tax
  • 2 day Antelope – $3,500 New Mexico state sales tax
boy on youth hunt for black bear in new mexico

Experience The "True Success" Difference

Our family-run business has been born and raised in New Mexico. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to the New Mexico Gila and surrounding areas. We know the perfect spots, the best trails, and the right path to take to bring you a custom-tailored hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

Why Choose A Youth Hunt

Youth hunts are the perfect introduction to big game sportsmanship for aspiring young hunters. These youth hunters will be able to draw from the 30+ years of experience of our guides. They can learn advanced, time-tested hunting strategies and practices. New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting Inc. can help youth hunters excel among their peers. The path to successful sportmanship starts early when you book a youth hunt. These hunts instill skills and strategies that will benefit hunters for decades to come.

youth hunter with trophy elk in new mexico

Get A Jump Start on a Lifetime of Serious Sportsmanship

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"This is only my second guided hunt. Comparatively it’s not even close. Mick and his 2 boys worked day and night to lead all 3 of us to success within only 3 days. You couldn’t meet 3 nicer host."

–Joe L.

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