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New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunting

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hunting dogs with mountain lion in new mexico

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunting – Expert Guided Hunts

The mountain lion presents a hunt that is equal parts unique as it is challenging. Mountain lions are an elusive, intelligent animals and we employ well-trained hounds to assist in their harvest. Hunts are conducted on foot or horseback, or from 4-wheel UTVs or snowmobiles, depending upon weather conditions. Fresh snow is always welcomed, but not necessary. We have great success dry ground hunting, taking most in the dirt.

We have over 40 years of experience raising and training hounds, we make our hunters successful, New Mexico Big Game Hunting Inc. has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of mountain lions in New Mexico. Our success rate exceeds 80 percent every year. All of our lion hunts are ten-day hunts, unless an ON-CALL hunt has been arranged. Lion hunts can be combined with bobcat, and Black Bear. Licenses are purchased over the counter.

Bobcat Hunts Also Available

Bobcat can also be hunted with hounds through the winter months. There is no limit on bobcats, and many hunters have the opportunity to TAKE MORE THAN ONE. This hunt, combined with mountain lion, makes for a quintessential New Mexico winter hunting experience.

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    Lion & Bobcat Hunt Rates

    • 10 days $7,000; On call (Tom only) $8,000 plus New Mexico state sales tax
    • Bobcat when combined with Lion – $550 plus New Mexico state sales tax
    • Licenses are purchased over the counter
    New Mexico Big Game Hunting - Mountain Lion

    Experience The "True Success" Difference

    Our family-run business was born and raised in New Mexico. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to the New Mexico Gila and surrounding areas. We know the perfect spots, the best trails, and the right path to take to bring you on a custom-tailored hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

    Why Hunt Mountain Lions

    The agility, intelligence, and speed of the mountain lion makes it a challenging but equally rewarding hunt. It takes a keen eye, perseverance, and sharp shooting to turn this powerful predator into your prey. Typically these hunts take place during the winter months, and comfort within cold weather conditions is an added advantage for those seeking to add this unique trophy to their collection.

    New Mexico Big Game Hunting - Mountain Lion

    Ready For A Challenge?

    Book Your Guided Mountain Lion Hunt Today

    "This is only my second guided hunt. Comparatively it’s not even close. Mick and his 2 boys worked day and night to lead all 3 of us to success within only 3 days. You couldn’t meet 3 nicer host."

    –Joe L.

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