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What Hunters are Saying about New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting, Inc. & Mick Chapel

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have elected not to publish their phone numbers on this site.  Please call and we will be happy to give you a reference list.  These testimonials are from regular people, not TV personalities or sports writers that received free hunts in return for favorable publicity.

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Mick and John Two great guides, three lions treed on
one hunt. This has to be as good as its gets.
Joe Mueller IL
While hunting cougar, Ken Justus killed this big cougar
that weighed 180 lbs. and
made the B&C record book.
It took awhile but Justus was informed recently about the record setting skull.
Ken Justus PA
Mick, I really appreciate the extra effort you and Kerry put into this hunt. Thanks ever so much Dean Chelton OH

If hunting the Gila's for a world class Rocky Mountain Elk is your dream, then Mick Chapel is the outfitter for you.

I have hunted elk with Mick four times. Each hunt was high quality and resulted in a total of 4 bull elk. His guides are top notch, they know the country and have the ability to get you close. The atmosphere at camp is excellent and the accommodations are five star.

I wouldn't hunt anywhere else.
Joe Democko IA

Thanks for the awesome hunt and the big 5x5 I was able to take. The guides were great and the hunting was awesome. I didn't realize that there were that many big bulls. I am looking forward to hunting with you again next year.
Mick You've got some great antelope. My son's and I had
a great hunt.
Gary Hansen CO
My First lion hunt, what a
hunt, what a lion.
It appears he will make the book at 15 1/8. Thanks for
the fine accommodations
Your Friend,
Gary Hansen CO
Mick 362 4/8 A great elk hunt, good guides.

Gary Hansen CO
Mick and his guides are all very knowledgeable and are excellent hunters. They try their best to get you a kill.
I feel you can get a kill or at least a shot at a trophy elk or antelope hunting with Mick. Sidney Sutton LA
Another great hunt. Thanks for my dream lion. Mike Humenik

On my very first hunt I harvested a 350 class bull. I am writing this reference seventeen hunts later. I have had the opportunity to harvest a quality trophy on every hunt and each hunt has been a rewarding experience. Nobody wants you to have a great hunt more than Mick. I can honestly say that when I plan a western big game hunt, I consider no one but Mick and if true trophy hunting at its finest is your goal, I would urge you to do the same.

Jeff Pavlick PA

I don't know of a better place to get a large bull.

Phil Kirkland KS

Great hunt. Jim Connors MD