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I have been hunting with Mick, and now John and Ben for almost 20 years, and hope to for another 20! I apply for everything in New Mexico, knowing that when I draw they will give me a great experience - for whatever game I draw for. They live in a beautiful part of the country, which is worth visiting just for its own sake, without talking about the quality of hunting. They are serious about their business, but you can tell they love doing it. Highly recommend them if you're looking for a New Mexico hunting experience.

Jay G.

This is not one of those outfitters that live in another state and set up temporary facilities. They live there, know the land like the back of there hand. Twenty miles south of Quemado New Mexico, the Gila National Forest is their back yard. I believe the best New Mexico hunting period. John welcomed me and gave me a quick tour around the extremely nice modern accommodations. The outgoing archery Elk hunters shared their trophies and their experience of total satisfaction with the entire operations. What can you say? The proof is in the trophy. I had specific details for my bear trophy and with their top-notch dogs and months of pre scouting were able to deliver. I passed on two black boars and in the name of good stewardship passed on three nice sows of color and finished with a beautiful big brown boar. Top notch, make it happen, git-r-done people. Repeat customer seams to be very high, now I know why. I am making plains to join them again for a tent camp Mule dear hunt in unit 2. (Already packed).

Carl F

Mick and Ben spent 3 really long days trying to find me a Lion in very dry hot conditions. I know it's their job but I couldn't believe how hard these two men and their awesome dogs worked. No luck yet but it's not for lack of effort! Enjoyed making new friends. Hope to see you again soon. I'm thinking of coming for a bear. Y'all rock!
Thanks again

Phillip L

I hab the pleasure of meeting Mick when on my public land elk hunt drove right up to his house and found out he's a very nice person thanks Mick I'm the one that was driving the tan colored ford ranger that keeped parking in you land for the first archery hunt again thank you

Mark L

I have hunted with them since 1992 and have been very successful being able to score on many P&Y specimens including elk, pronghorn, bear, cougar and bobcat.

Jorge S

Best outfitters around! These guys worked their butts off to get me my first Mule deer! Thanks to Mic, John, Ben and Parry!!!

Robert S

Mick, John, Ben, and the rest of their crew run an excellent family based operation. They know their business well and will work their tails off hunting as hard as you can take it. I've never hunted with an outfitter who took my success as personal as they do. Had a great time and am looking forward to more great hunts in the future!

Dean C

Great guiding operation. All guides are great. They all work super hard to get you an animal. Great lodging and great food. Been on 2 hunts both were great went lion hunting and went muzzleloader elk hunting,

Thomas A

Great group to hunt with. As far as a wilderness hunt goes, it can get no better than this. Great guides, great people. I can't wait to go back.

Matt M

Great operation, great guides, great food, great housing!
I went for lions and the weather was warm. Mick and his guides hunted extremely hard on dry ground and found me a big Tom. Top notch outfit!!!!!
There are a lot of elk in their area also. Never seen so many elk!!

William R

Great, knowledgeable, professional guide service... If u want to leave with a kill, look no further. Mick, John, and Ben Chapel have tons of experience and will put you in front of your game...
Mark Nesto

Markus N