About Us

The Chapel Family

Our expert guides are true mountain men. The Chapel guides were born and raised in New Mexico. They have over 30 years experience with guiding successful hunts. Our average success rate ranges from 80% to 95% or more, depending on the parameters of the hunt.

Mick Chapel

Mick Chapel, owner of New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting, Inc, was born and raised in New Mexico and is a third generation native. In 1980, Chapel opened a hunting lodge designed to appeal to passionate hunters like himself. Over 30 years later, he has established a reputation as one of New Mexico's top outfitters/houndsman, providing memorable guided big game hunting trips throughout the Southwest New Mexico area.

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John and Ben Chapel

John and Ben Chapel were both born and raised in these mountains hunting and trapping ever since they started to walk (over 20 years). Besides a brief year going to college, their education has primarily been out in these mountains and working side by side with their mom and dad. Both have exceptional experience not only with hunting, tracking, and stalking, but also with public relations and the business itself. They have a great reputation with our hunters and a phenomenal success rate that brings returning hunters year after year. Hunting and trapping is their only occupation and they are very committed to their job. In their own words -- "We are very fortunate because we love what we do, we love the people we meet, and we love the country we live in."

Give us a call to talk with John and Ben 575-773-4599